Redneck: The Trophy Tower - Cross Over 5x5
Redneck Blinds

The industries first true multi-function hunting blind, the Redneck Trophy Tower 5X5 Crossover blind features 14" tall x 36" wide tinted tempered automotive glass windows that  maximize visibility and give the gun and crossbow hunter maximum room and maneuverability out of the window to get the perfect angle for any shot.

Exterior Size: 60" x 60" x 82" 
Interior Size: 56" x 56" x 80"  
Side & Back Windows: 36" x 14"  
Door Windows: 18" x 9.5"   
Weight: 275lbs 

Redneck: The Shooter - 5x6 Gun Blind
Redneck: The Predator 360 - 5x6 Crossover Blind
Redneck: The Buck Palace 360 - 6x6 Crossover Blind
The Shooter is the ultimate 2-3 person gun blind. It has two large front  side windows, providing maximum shooting field visibility. The blind features shelving complete with gun holders underneath the windows on 3 sides of the blind and 4 corner shelves on the backside of blind to store all your gear and accessories you might need.
Exterior Size: 71" x 60"
Interior Size: 70" x 57" x 80" 
Side & Back Windows: 27.25" x 9.5" 
Door Window: 18" x 9.5" 
Weight: 300 lbs 

​The "Predator 360" Crossover Blind is the Perfect multi-purpose hunting blind. The long vertical windows and oversized horizontal windows make it ideal for any type of hunting.  Whether you shoot a compound bow, traditional bow, crossbow or rifle this blind is for you.
Exterior Size: 74" x 64" x 82"
Interior Size: 68" x 58" x 80" 
Front Window: 14" x 36" 
Door Window: 9.5" x 18" 
Side Windows: 14" x 25" 
Corner Windows: 10" x 46" 
Weight: 350 lbs 

Do you want the Best Blind available?  The Buck Palace 360 6X6 Crossover Blind is  the Best blind on the market, whether you are hunting with a gun, bow or crossbow.  

Exterior Size: 74" x 74" x 82"
Interior Size: 68" x 68" x 80" 
Side & Back Windows: 36" x 14" 
Corner Windows: 46" x 10" 
Door Window: 18" x 9.5" 
Weight: 375lbs 

Redneck: Powder Coated Stands
​•Made from 3/16" powder-coated bent steel to resist rusting
•Universal size to fit any Redneck Blind
•Stand heights available from 5ft to 15ft
•Steps & platform feature non-slip punch plate design 
•Hand rail on ladder for safety
•Roomy upper platform with rails to ensure safe blind entry & exit
•Welded tie down ring & blind mounting tabs
•Includes four 24" long leg stakes, a 30" ground anchor with 3/16" galvanized Cable and Turnbuckle for securing to ground (extras may be purchased separately)
•All parts are laser cut & drilled for a precise fit
•One size nut & bolt for all fittings makes for easy assembly 
•"X" bracing for rigidity
•Weight: 425lbs

5' Stand - $500.00    10' Stand - $749.99    15' Stand - $1099.99
Redneck Blind Standard Features ~ Made in the USA!
•Made from 100% fiberglass with maintenance free gel coat finish & come assembled
•2” roof overhang to keep rain off windows
•Marine carpeted floor & lower walls for comfort & sound control
•Convenient shelves & gun holders 
•Large tinted tempered automotive glass windows with whisper quiet window hinges
•Flip-up window design allows for easy cleaning & resists freezing shut
•Automotive window gaskets & molding to keep blind dry and bug free
•Fiberglass bottom prevents rotting & varmint damage
•Seamless design for quietness & scent control
•Submarine style locking door
•2” screened vents underneath roof overhang

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