Redneck Hunting Blind Chair 

Redneck Blind Bow Holder
Redneck Blind Window Gun Rest
Redneck Blind Camera Mount  
Redneck Blind  Blackout Curtain System

Trophy Tower Curtain System                        $49.99

The Shooter Curtain System                            $49.99

The Predator Crossover  Curtain System      $59.99

The Buck Palace Crossover Curtain System $59.99

Redneck T-Post Feeder $69.99
•Designed to mount to standard T-Post or to tree using ratchet straps*
•V-Groove in back designed to fit T-post perfectly
•Concave back and grooves for ratchet straps allow for mounting to tree
•Made from tough heavy duty polyethylene with 80lb corn capacity
•Height to bottom of feeding tube is adjustable from 34” to 60” 

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